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more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all. The two sides said they are satisfied with the strong, stable and reciprocal relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (

ASEAN). China and Thailand will make more efforts to maintain the vitality of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership and make the partnership a key pillar of peace, stability, prosperity and sustainable d


evelopment in the region, the statement said. The two countries also said they supp

ort relevant parties to fully and effectively implement th


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logy transfer centers, and strengthe

e Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, calling for more practical

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n cooperation in digital economy,

cooperation in such field as marine environment protection to make the South China Sea a

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smart cities and other fields. T

sea of peace, stability and prosperity. As for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partne

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hey agreed to jointly build a Di

rship (RCEP), both countries welcomed the conclusion of the text-based negotiations of the


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agreement in 2020

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tended the 22nd China-ASEA

N (10+1) leade

rs' meeting, the 22nd


prosperity and sustain


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Japan and South Korea (10+3) leaders'

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meeting, and the 14th East Asia S

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ummit.XI'AN, Nov. 27 -- China's aircraft

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maker Xi'an Aircraft Industry Co. (XAC) has d

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nce Xinzhou-60 aircraft for re

mote sensing to the Chin

ese Academy of S

ciences (CAS) for aerial obser

vation missions. Photo

of their diplomatic ties. What's
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